Study and meditation classes

How to understand the mindWhether you are Buddhist or non-Buddhist, if you wish to attend study and meditation classes on an occasional basis to learn about modern Buddhism from a living tradition and how to use these practices to improve your daily life, these classes are for you.

Each class is self-contained, giving practical advice on how to solve daily problems and how to maintain a peaceful and happy mind all the time.

During 2014 the classes will be on How to Understand the Mind, which explains in great detail the different types of mind and mental factors and how we can use this understanding to solve our daily problems and maintain a peaceful and happy mind all the time.

The classes are taught by Kadam Neil Elliott

Just drop into any class of your choice; no need to book. See below for upcoming classes.

Introduction to the mind
How our mind works
Cultivating positive states of mind
Overcoming negativity